Orsk refinery

Orsk Refinery

Orsknefteorgsintez and the environment

Since 2011, the Orsk Refinery has been implementing the Global Production Upgrade Program, within the framework of which there is a complete renovation of facilities, replacement of equipment and construction of new facilities, while taking into account the most modern environmental requirements.

Also, within the framework of the target program for environmental protection, Orsknefteorgsintez carries out environmental activities. In the current year, the program provides for financing activities in the amount of over 30 million rubles. Thus, a filter for mechanical purification of river water with a capacity of 400 m3 / h has already been purchased and installed at the recycling water supply section No. 2.

The equipment, worth more than
3 million rubles, will improve the quality of river water and reduce the volume of water used for blowing the recycling water supply system.

Also, equipment for the environmental protection laboratory was purchased in the amount of over
2 million rubles

It was necessary for laboratory monitoring of MPC in wastewater.

Additional checks of the quality of atmospheric air are carried out during the period of unfavorable weather conditions (UWC). Specialized hydrometeorological information (forecast of the UWC) is received by the enterprise on a daily basis. This is stipulated by the agreement concluded between Orsknefteorgsintez and FSBI Privolzhskoe UGMS.
For 8 months of 2020, during the periods of the UWC, the environmental protection laboratory performed about 4400 analyses.