All enterprises of the ForteInvest holding purchase equipment and engage contractors to carry out work on a tender basis to ensure maximum efficiency and work transparency. Information about tenders is located on the ForteInvest website and on the websites of the enterprises according to the internal documents of the holding.

Currently, the Orsk refinery is working on the reconstruction of existing capacities as part of the Upgrade Program. In addition, new production facilities are being designed and constructed. Licensors, design, construction, and installation organizations are involved in cooperation for the plans' implementation. Negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers of material and technical resources are underway.

Furthermore, ForteInvest participates in projects for the exploration of hydrocarbon reserves and oil production in its subsidiaries: PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT, Oilgaztet and GEOPROGRESS.

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ForteInvest tenders

ForteInvest does not run tenders at the moment