Orsk Oil Refinery

Upgrading results

From 2012 to the beginning of 2019, investments in the upgrade of the Orsk refinery amounted to more than
USD 1'200 million
For the period from 2019 to 2023, investments in the construction of a delayed coking complex will amount to
USD 504 million
The volume of investments in the upgrade of the Orsk refinery for the period 2012 - 2023 will be about
2’000 million

ForteInvest is the main partner and shareholder of Orsknefteorgsintez. The company supplies crude oil to the refinery and sells finished products to the domestic and international markets.

Since 2012, at the Orsk Refinery, with the active participation of the shareholder - ForteInvest, one of the largest production upgrade programs in Russia has been implemented. As part of a trilateral agreement with the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the regional administration, the Orsk Refinery is implementing a large-scale program for the reconstruction and upgrade of plant facilities. The main goal of the upgrade initiative is to produce high-quality products at the European level in order to maximize environmental protection.

The enterprise implements all projects in accordance with the planned schedules and existing standards for the production of petroleum products. It is noteworthy that the construction of new facilities goes on without interrupting the work of the plant - production is carried out in a planned mode, the region receives oil products in accordance with the need for them, there is no shortage of oil products.

At present, the refinery has implemented Stage 1 of the Orsk Refinery Development Program for the period 2012–2019 and includes 4 launch complexes. The development program is designed in such a way that the implementation of each start-up complex is aimed at improving the quality of products, increasing the depth of processing and increasing the yield of light oil products. The total investment for this period amounted to 64 billion rubles including VAT of $1.2 billion.

Upgrade results 2011-2023

48,8% 2012
72% 2020
84% 2023
Light oil products yield
59,5% 2012
88% 2020
98,6% 2023
Refining depth

Stage 2

Stage 1

2023 Class 5 fuels
2020 Class 5 fuels
2012 Class 2 fuels

Development program

begun by Neftikhimproekt in may 2012


Stage 1

2019 2023

Stage 2

Stage 1

was implemented from 2012 to 2019.
It consists of 4 start-up complexes and includes the following projects:

  • SC 1. Reconstruction of the diesel fuel hydrotreating unit (2 stages)

    Project goals:
    Hydrotreating the diesel fraction to the requirements of class 5;
    Bringing the unit to the current standards;
    Hydrotreating the gasoline fraction from the tar visbreaking unit.

    Start of reconstruction: April 2013
    End of reconstruction: September 2014

  • SC-1. Construction of a hydrogen production unit

    Project goals:
    Providing hydrogen (99.9% purity) to the diesel fuel hydrotreating unit.

    Start of construction: January 2014
    End of construction: September 2016

  • SC-2. Reconstruction of the gasoline rectification unit

    Project goals:
    Providing the isomerization unit with high-quality raw materials;
    Reduction of benzene-forming hydrocarbons in feedstock of reforming units, decrease in benzene content in produced motor gasolines;
    Bringing the unit to the current standards;

    Start of reconstruction: June 2013
    End of reconstruction: November 2014

  • SC-2. Isomerization unit construction

    Project goals:
    Production of commercial isomerate of С5, С6 hydrocarbons for the organization of the production of class 5 motor gasoline at the enterprise

    Licensor: ОNPP Neftekhim.
    Start of construction: November 2012
    End of construction: December 2014

  • SC-3. Construction of a tar visbreaking unit

    Project goals:
    Reduction of production of boiler fuel/heating oil at the enterprise
    Freeing up the resource of vacuum gas oil for further processing at the hydrocracking unit.

    Licensor: Amec Foster Wheeler
    Start of construction: April 2014
    End of construction: September 2015

  • SC-4. Construction of a hydrocracking unit with a hydrogen production section

    Project goals:
    Increase in the output of light oil products at the enterprise due to the processing of vacuum gas oil.

    Licensor and Catalyst Supplier: Shell Global Solutions
    Start of construction: October 2015
    End of construction: October 2018

  • SC-4. Construction of an elemental sulfur production unit

    Project goals:
    Processing of sulfur-containing emissions from the hydrocracking unit and other facilities of the enterprise.
    Getting granular sulfur.

    Start of construction: October 2015
    End of construction: September 2018

  • SC-4. Construction of the fuel oil vacuum distillation unit

    Project goals:
    Increasing the selection of vacuum gas oil as a feedstock for the hydrocracking unit and improving the tar quality

    Start of construction: May 2017
    End of construction: June 2019

  • SC-4. Technical re-equipment of the vacuum column K-6 of the CDU/VDU unit

    Project goals:
    Increased extraction of vacuum gas oil and quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of the hydrocracking unit.
    Improving the quality of vacuum diesel fuel.
    Improvement of the tar quality.

Stage 2

  • 5th start-up complex:
  • Construction of a delayed coking unit complex

    Project goals:
    Exclude the heating oil production and increase the light oil products yield; increase the selection of vacuum gas oil as a feedstock for the hydrocracking unit, and improve the tar quality;

    Reach the refining depth – 98,6%, light oil products yield – 85%.

    Start of construction: September 2020
    End of construction: June 2023

  • Commissioning of the above units is scheduled for 2023.


Light oil




Refining depth


Production upgrade timeline

from 2011 through 2022

  • 2011

    ForteInvest was found. Technological infrastructure was analyzed. Preliminary documentation was developed for upgrade

    May 2012

    Approval of the long-term Orsk Refinery Upgrade Program and start of work

    November 2012

    Start of construction of the isomerization complex

    December 2012

    Completion of the reconstruction of the catalytic reforming unit

    December 2012

    Launch of a light petroleum products cycle loading rack


    Safety and Environmental indicators were improved

    May 2013

    Beginning of reconstruction of diesel fuel hydrotreating unit

    June 2013

    Start of reconstruction of a gasoline rectification unit

Currently, the plant has reconstructed its existing facilities, and built more than 15 large modern facilities. Among the most significant of the objects are: an on-site loading unit for oil products, an isomerization unit for light gasoline fractions, a tar visbreaking unit, a hydrogen production unit, a sulfur production unit with a granulation unit, and a hydrocracking complex.

The upgrade program for 2012-2023 will allow the enterprise to become one of the most authoritative and dynamically developing in our country.

As a result of the upgrade, the refining depth at the Orsk refinery increased
from 49% to 84%

the yield of light oil products

98% against 59% in 2012