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ecology is a priority

Oil production and refining in the Orenburg region has been going on for over 70 years. In the recent past, little attention has been paid to studying the amount and nature of industrial emissions. Even when their negative impact on nature was studied and proven by environmental scientists, everything was limited only to recommendations, it did not come to a radical change in production models and technologies.

The result of such activities has become a multitude of accumulated problems associated with the pollution of river basins, lakes and reservoirs, large areas, land, and storage of oil production waste. The question of how to conduct modern production without causing damage to the environment has become one of the main issues in the activities of

Work in the field of environmental protection and ecology at the facilities of PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT is organized in accordance with Federal legislation. The company's specialists have developed and approved measures to prevent pollution of the territory and instructions in the field of waste management.

All facilities of PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT have received the necessary permits for the approval of waste generation standards and limits for their disposal. Guided by the priority directions of state policy in the field of waste management, the specialists of PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT obtained a license for the disposal of hazard class III wastes in order to involve them in economic circulation.

The environmental policy of the mining block of
ForteInvest is aimed at
reducing the anthropogenic impact
on the environment.

This is achieved through the following environmental measures:

  • organization of the movement of vehicles along the designated and agreed routes
    (prevention of disturbance of the soil cover);
  • Carrying out works on diagnosing pipelines in order to timely prevent leaks of oil products from operating pipelines;
  • carrying out environmental monitoring of atmospheric air, soil, radiological examinations at all facilities of PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT;
  • reduction of industrial waste;
  • increasing the percentage of efficient use of associated petroleum gas.

The company prioritizes preventive measures aimed at minimizing the impact of the company's activities on the environment and the health of employees. To this end, the Company is actively introducing the latest energy-saving technologies, optimizing the use of natural resources and reducing industrial emissions into the environment. The company also strives to ensure that every employee feels responsible for the conservation of nature.

PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT has implemented a number of projects for the beneficial use of associated petroleum gas:
  • in 2016

    the construction and installation of a recuperator unit at
    the booster pump station-1 of the Kolgan oil field was completed;
  • in 2017

    the construction and installation of a recuperator unit at PNN-200
    of the Ashirovskoye oil field was completed;
  • in 2018

    the construction and installation of a recuperator unit
    at the PSN well. 62 of the Olympic oil field;
  • in 2019

    the construction and installation of
    a recuperator unit at the PSN well. 3 of the Moss oil field.
  • in 2020

    a project for the beneficial use of associated petroleum gas was implemented:
    the construction and installation of a UR-type recuperator unit at the booster pump station-1 of
    the Kolgan oil field was completed.

Due to these projects, the maximum permissible value of the casing head gas combustion index for all fields was achieved at the enterprises of the Orenburg production block.

Within the framework of this agreement, in 2019, at the expense of the enterprise, an ecological post for monitoring the quality of atmospheric air was acquired and transferred to the ownership of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Property Relations of the Orenburg Region..

In the near future, PREOBRAZHENSKNEFT in order to improve the environmental situation at its locations in the Orenburg region, plans to implement several measures at once:

  • mechanical planting of an additional forest belt with an area of 1650 m2 between the oil loading complex in the area of the Sakmarskaya railway station and the village of Krasny Kommunar, Sakmarsky district. The forest belt will consist of birch (250 pcs.), Mountain ash (250 pcs.), Golden currants (250 pcs.), Oak (250 pcs.) Planting dates: start of work - 09/14/2020, completion of work - 10/15/2020;
  • planting a lawn on the territory of the oil-loading complex near the Sakmarskaya railway station, an oil gathering point at well No. 3 of the Mokhovoye field;
  • purchase of a portable gas analyzer for prompt determination of the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the atmospheric air of the village of Krasny Kommunar, Sakmarsky district, Orenburg region.