ForteInvest Holding launches the Continuous Improvement System

ForteInvest Holding launches the Continuous Improvement System

ForteInvest divisions are launching a “Continuous Improvement System” (CIS) project aimed at optimizing costs, maximizing human resources potential and increasing efficiency by implementing measures proposed by employees directly involved in the technological processes. The CIS provides for the development of measures that increase the productivity of the production cycle and minimize the inefficient use of resources.

Implemented in ForteInvest since October 2019, the efficiency improvement concept began the way of transformations of individual technical projects with a quick payback and energy saving programs. Over a year 2020 it showed good operating results, expressed in the implementation of projects in six strategic areas of the enterprises activities and the Management Company. In view of the work done, the project activities at ForteInvest will be transformed into permanent ones starting from 2021.

In order to ensure that the CIS project works at full capacity and covers all phases of production, the subsidiaries of the ForteInvest holding will organize production cost optimization departments that will manage the whole process of the new system: from the preliminary assessment of proposals to monitoring the economic effect. The idea for the CIS can be a small improvement or a large-scale measure with a tangible economic effect. Individual improvements may be small, but it is the step-by-step changes that together lead to major strategic victories.

TEXT BOX: Said Gutseriev – CEO of ForteInvest

"Russian and foreign practice of implementing similar projects shows the effectiveness of reducing production costs up to 10%. Nowadays the question of implementation of tools to improve operational efficiency is particularly relevant, as it allows to build a model of labor activity, in which the development of innovative proposals becomes an integral part of work and life of employees.

I believe that in the current economic situation, the introduction of optimization projects will solve a number of problems from encouraging employees to develop, train and more consciously perform their duties, to improving the financial performance of the Company."